VY-Q3200 Portable Needle-free Injection Equipment for skin rejuvenation

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Dark Circles, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover
Needle-free mesotherapy
Skin lifting,skin rejuvenation
Apply to:
home use/beauty salon machine
110V-120V/60Hz; 220V-240V/50Hz
Packing size:
5 hand pieces
200 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Standard export carton
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Within 3-15 working days after order confirmed


VY-Q3200 Portable Needle-free Injection

Equipment for skin rejuvenation  


Main use:


Mesotherapy equipment is a comprehensive alternative to the traditional U.S. plastics injection (with needle and micro-needle) is efficient, non-invasive and safe "in the mesoderm into beauty therapy.


Electrophoresis using the latest water technology and water channel proteins into the mesoderm of various active ingredients, supplemented by soft and frozen stimulation, using "point to surface" ultra penetration technology, multi-point, uniform, comprehensive, in-depth to high energy primary fluid directly to the desired skin, so that the active ingredient with a variety of nutrition and high-energy primary fluid, rapidly absorbed by the skin tissue, play a role in order to effect a cure, promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity .





Skin rejuvenation

activate cells

cuticle reconstruction

calming and anti-sensitivity

water locking and moisturizing of skin

Technology advantage

1.eliminate the pain caused by traditional injection

2.overcome the problem of fat pad, fat, fat atrophy situation

3.Without infection phenomenon (one-time and non-invasive injection can ensure the sterile operation to a larger extent)

Facial skin restructuring to improve   (1). Oily, large pores, thick skin purifying the skin, remove excess thick skin, pore purification, decomposition of fat, smooth and tighten pores, smooth and luminous skin.

(2). Skin color dull, tired, pale, edema Oxygen skin, accelerate oxygen absorption, improve circulation and dull.

(3). Mature, relaxation, water, wrinkles, dry and enhance the firming, tightening loose skin, deep hydration, skin rehabilitation, re-engineering rehabilitation cell, restore young skin condition.

Eye care  (1). Eliminate dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye pattern, ease edema

(2). Subside edema frivolous, improve blood and lymph circulation


VOLTAGE:110V-120V/60Hz; 220V-240V/50Hz



 Suitable treatment:












--- Eletric  Electroporation head Improving Injection

 Effectively improve skin absorption capacity; Promote blood and lymph circulation and normal Metabolic function, strengthen the wall of blood, improve vasodilator gloomy phenomenon.

 It makes a warm feeling, helps the absorption of products. Accelerate facial blood circulation and get rid of the unnecessary fats.

Massage the face muscle according to grains on the face, different skin with different setting time. 

Electric proble with photon:



---Hot Probe for Nutrition absorption  

Open the pore and accelerating the face cleaning and nutrition absorption,making the skin moisturing.

  Hot probe:

---Cold Probe for Nutrition frozen  

1). Minimize the pores, lock the water, strengthen elasticity of the skin, and thus make the  skin more bright, fine and young.
2). Minimize the capillary vessel, weaken the red blood streak, release and eliminate acne  and renew the natural color of skin.

Hot probe:



 ---Eyes Probe Eyes shaping

 This eye massager, open up the pulse of  eyes and brain, massage the acupuncture points, enhance blood circulation, active the oculare celular and molecular activity, it can treat myopia and prsbyopia.eliminate eyes pouch wrinkles and dark circles.


---Negative electric probe

 Transfering &decreasing the electric in some way,make the operation more convenient.



Needle free mesotherapy:liquid product input treatment operation

1 .Make sure that the guests'skin smoothly press the electrode plate.

2 .To choose the liquid inject head according to parts need cared,and connect to the electron inject head andscrew down.

3 .Insert the electron inject head to the glass bottles with liquid inside inversely.

4 . set the appropriate acusector frequency. Regulate the acusector intensity according to acceptance of the

guests. Setting the inject speed of and injection volume according to the consistency of product.

5 .click "Start", press control button of e-inject head, liquid products injection start.

6 .Beautician hold the e-inject on skin and move slowly in circle or to and from, regulate the inject volume

And inject speed according to skin absorption State of the guests.

*The dimension of the glass bottle:inside diameter:1.22cm~1.24cm,outside diameter 2.1cm


Needle free mesotherapy:  Colloid products injection operation

1 .Make sure that the guests'skin smoothly press the electrode plate. 

2 .To choose the Colloid inject head according to parts need cared,and screw down to bottles with products  (gel). 

3 .Set the frequency of electro-acupuncture, electro-acupuncture intensity and working time (about 15 

Minutes each part). 

4 .Squeeze the plastic bottle, so the colloidal products will move to the work head, and the roller will bring it out. 

5 .Click "Start", beauticians hold the colloidal inject head on the skin and move slowly and Reciprocating. 











Why choose us:


1.Competitive price as manufacturer

2.Graceful streamline  design

3.Whole treatment

4.1 year warranty

5.International standard with CE approval

6. Aluminum  box for easty carry out,and protecting the machine safety ship  to you!



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